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Day in the Life

Day In The Life Video Exhibits Day In The Life Videos are compelling and highly effective courtroom exhibits 

used by attorneys to provide a jury with visual evidence of pain and suffering, disability and various other debilitating conditions or circumstances.

Any aspect of a person's life can be recorded on video, and numerous cases on record serve as testimony to the fact that a professionally produced and well 

prepared Day In The Life Video can single-handedly sway a jury to the claimant's favor.  There is nothing more convincing than visual evidence for showing the 

desperation, pain and personal ruin that often follows an unfortunate accident.   And no amount of eloquent diction can strike the heart of a juror with the force
brought to bear by the real-life video of a disabled claimant's day-to-day burden.

After an Accurate Vision legal videographer professionally and tactfully videos the daily activities of the claimant, our in-house-post-production team edits 

the raw footage per your exact day-in-the-life requirements and specifications.

The end result is a tailor-made video exhibit of superior quality, perfectly suited for playback in court.

Your Accurate Vision Account Manager can also schedule a court videographer to provide you with Courtroom Playback in any U.S. city and in major cities

Day In The Life Rates And Prices

The cost of producing a given Day In The Life Video Exhibit is dependent on two factors —

the geographical location where the video will be recorded, and the amount of editing that the attorney or litigation support service wants to invest in the exhibit.

In many geographic areas we are able to maintain the same, low, hourly legal video rates that we charge for recording deposition video. In other locations, the cost of recording day-in-the-life video is quoted as a flat half-day rate or 

full-day rate. Editing and final assembly of the exhibit are quoted separately, by the hour.
The best way to determine legal video rates and calculate the full cost of a Day In The Life Video Exhibit for a specific case, is to call an Accurate Vision Account Representative for an exact quote based on the case’s unique

If you need help formulating your day-in-the-life requirements, or simply need more information about Day In The Life Video Exhibits, you can quickly, and 

easily schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an Accurate Vision with Technical Consultant by submitting a short consultation request form on our