Video Conferencing

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Video conferencing:

When distance and travel become prohibitive cost factors for a deposition, considerable time and money can be saved by using a videoconference to connect the attorneys, deponents, court reporter, and deposition videographer

Traditionally, conducting a deposition by videoconference meant that attorneys,
deponents, the court reporter, and the legal videographer had to be in specially
equipped conference rooms, or other facilities outfitted with dedicated-high-speed phone lines and expensive hardware.

But videoconferencing technology has rapidly evolved in recent years. Due to lower hardware costs, more affordable bandwidth costs and the advent of videoconference offerings via the Internet by cloud computing service providers, 

an ever widening range of powerful, and more affordable videoconferencing solutions are now available to attorneys, court reporting firms, and litigation support companies who choose to conduct depositions by videoconference.

While lower costs, better quality, and faster transmission speeds represent
considerable advantages to deposition videoconferencing, the one downside is
that choosing the best and most affordable videoconferencing solution for a
given setting can get more, and more complicated each time a new technology gets
added into the mix.

That is of course a predictable downside to using any technology that is rapidly
evolving. But it is equally predictable that the choices between different
videoconferencing solutions will begin to get easier, and less complicated as
soon as technologies from different manufacturers begin to overlap, and merge into an industry standard. But in the meantime, there is a simple yet effective 

way to make the right choice!